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                                Jeff Warmuth                                                                                                              Jaimie Jewell

                               President/CEO                                                                                                   Administrative Assistant


The President/CEO of the organization conducts official business on behalf of the Board of Directors, conducts official correspondence, preserves all books, documents and communications, maintains accurate record of proceedings of the Chamber, the Board of Directors and all Committees.  The President/CEO shall serve as advisor to the Chairman and Program of Work Committee and program planning, prepare and present annual budgets.  Plan and coordinate activities that have positive effect on members of the organization and to lead the Chamber Mission of serving their business partners through promotion, advocacy, encouragement and education.


The Administrative Assistant provides support for the President/CEO, the Board of Directors, Committees and membership.  Record keeping, newsletter and website communications, calendar updates, committee meeting preparation, and answering questions from visiting tourists, Chamber members and prospecting Chamber members over the phone or in person are just some of the daily and weekly duties performed.